In 1999, Annmarie Izzo, of the Staten Island Board of Realtors group, started the Adopt-a-Senior foundation to help out the senior citizens of Staten Island during the holiday season. 19 years later, Annmarie has grown the foundation and adopts hundreds of seniors every year. Mortgage Tech’s Philip Benigno and Alfred Alcasid, along with several other realtors and founders, gave out gifts at ArchCare St. Mark’s Social Day Center in St. George Thursday afternoon. Apart from ArchCare St Mark’s, Annmarie visits many other senior homes and assisted living facilities around Staten Island. Though this is her biggest foundation, Annmarie practices philanthropy all throughout the year. “Everyone thinks about the kids during the holidays, but they always forget about the older generation that don’t have family coming around anymore” Annmarie says. 

Philip Benigno with ArchCare St. Mark’s Betsy

“It’s the realtors, family and friends that make this all happen. This wouldn’t be possible without them” – Annmarie Izzo

We would like to personally extend our gratitude to Annmarie and all the others that make this possible every year. We would also like to continue to contribute to the philanthropic efforts of Annmarie and her foundation. To see more pictures visit our Facebook page at

From the left, Philip Benigno, Annmarie Izzo, and Alfred Alcasid

Happy Holidays from the Mortgage Tech Family!